May 2007

Posted on 7 May 2007:



 After more than a year, Steve and I decided to revisit our memories and go for our pre-honeymoon in Singapore – where it all started. The next day, we watched Phantom of the Opera musical, which I slept throughout a quarter of the show but not because it was boring. I was too exhausted from the rough bus ride the night before. Last year at around the same time, we were also there to watch The West Side Story, which was my first encounter with broadway musicals.

The mission began after that. Steve and I searched high and low for a pair of wedding shoes to be worn during our photography session the following weekend. We MUST buy shoes! We went from malls to malls at Orchard Road but to no avail. How sad! I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular, just a pair of shoes that would give me the ‘wow’ factor once I put it on. Nothing complicated, just an ivory satin shoes with pearls or diamante and preferably ribbon tie-up with the just-right height. We tried our luck again at VivoCity the next day but still, same fate. Apparently, silver colour shoes are more popular there. I was getting desperate already.

Upon reaching KL, we rushed to Vincci KLCC for a quick look. There, I finally found ‘my’ shoes but guess what? It wasn’t my day at all as the sales assistant told me No size! immediately. He was very helpful and called other branches to check for size availability. *Sigh*…not available too! I scanned for all the white shoes they have there…must get one…need to get one! Ta-daaa! There you are…not that perfect but what the heck, I was desperate and it’s available in size 4. It’s not too expensive too, meaning I can get more than one pair of wedding shoes. Poor Steve…he looked so relieved and exhausted when I finally came out with a bag but little did he know that the search has just started….hehehe!



Posted on 20 May 2007:


I went on a blind date yesterday. You may wonder, why am I still doing this when I’m soon to be married? No, I’m not a date-aholic. No romance or rush of endorphins involved. But it did make me more nervous than any other speed dating/blind dates I’ve ever been to. I have contemplated many times – to go or not to go – even until the morning itself, despite being coaxed repeatedly by my fiancé. Yes, even Steve wanted me to go too! So went I did at The Curve…to meet a bunch of bride-to-be’s!

Thanks to a close friend who recommended this wedding website to me, I have been a frequent visitor (and sometimes contributor) to its forum. If you really have the time to sit down and browse through the topics that were/are being discussed, you may learn so much about weddings that those vendors out there will not have a slight chance to trick you. Too bad I got to know about it only after I signed up for my bridal photography package. It was from this forum that I discovered I’ve been shortchanged by my bridal studio. Grrr..! Don’t worry, I will fight hard for what I’ve paid for!

So, what happened when 11 bride-to-be’s got together? Noise, chaos and flashes (from camera, derrr), of course! Mind you, neither of us have met or spoken to each other before. The first few minutes was awkward; I almost wanted to SMS my fiancé and said, “See what you’ve put me into!”. It’s so weird – attending a real speed dating was a breeze for me but meeting a group of girls was such a tough task! Thank goodness the gathering went smoothly; the girls were really friendly and chatty. We occupied the external area of O’Brien’s Sandwich and chatted about anything under the ‘wedding’ sun – comparing packages, tips and advice.

This is better than speed dating; I made additional 10 friends in one day without having to pay for any participation fees! And oh, there wasn’t any annoying 5-minute timer to watch your back, which explained why the gathering lasted for 5 hours. I’m glad I braved my way there…


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