May 2009

Posted on 26 May 2009:


It has been a long, long while since I penned down my thoughts. The last post dated as far as January 2008, mentioning the arrival of Odee. Since then, I’ve been busy living a married life, juggling work and raising my furkid. Much has happened amidst the hecticness. We found a very nice house to call our new home, Odee has grown from a little mischievous puppy to a rather civilised boy dog, we visited Hokkaido and Osaka and I welcomed the arrival of another niece – Syn Roo – to the family. I’ve also met a God-sent angel – besides my husband – whom accepts me for the total package that I am, loyally supports me throughout the year and never failed to forgive me for my shortcomings – you know who you are.  

Not all has been great though. I’ve also been down with confusion, did a lot of soul searching and learned the real meaning of being married. Year 2008 will forever leave a mark in my heart as I lost my dearest mother-in-law, Sussan Seet. Despite joining the family barely 7 months at the time of her departure, I’ve grown very fond and attached to this fine lady. She has imparted so much strong values to me albeit the short time I was granted with her. Growing up in a big and traditional Chinese family, I’ve always had difficulties expressing my feelings and mind to my family members. Probably because my vocabulary in Mandarin and Hokkien is very limited, I often found myself lost for words when trying to explain a situation to my family. I love them to bits nonetheless.

This changed when I married Steve and met his mother. The most kind hearted, gentle and warm person I’ve ever met (other than my own parents, of course), she quickly made me feel welcomed, treating me like her own daughter. With her, I could totally be myself and not feel afraid of getting judged or criticised for my opinions and decisions. For once, I could express my feelings, be understood and get useful advice from someone more elderly. Her departure etched a deep hole in my heart, with no one to talk to, learn pongteh from and laugh with whenever I’m back at my in-laws’. It was hard on Steve too and this took a toll on our marriage. Fortunately, with some effort, things have improved and are back to normal now.  


This Sunday, 31 May 2009, marks Mommy’s 1st death anniversary. We’re holding a memorial service for her at the serene SKE Temple, where her remains are placed. You’ll always be missed and loved, Mommy!

P/S: Oh, by the way, Odie is now known as Odee. After some thoughts, I gather that it’s not wise to curse my furkid everyday by calling him oDIE. Hence, he’s renamed to Odee.


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