October 2007

Posted on 16 October 2007:

A DAY TO REMEMBER 15.10.2007


I had a beautiful wedding on 15 October 2007. Actually, that’s slightly underrated. In point of fact, it was a wonderful day full of laughter, joy, excitement and most of all, warmth and love. Indeed a wedding I have always truly dreamt of, marrying the man of my dreams, surrounded by family members and close friends. If I could turn back time, I will not change a thing or alter a second of the day, as the memories are definitely something I will never ever trade anything for.

My parents threw me a superb party the evening before our wedding day, where my house was flocked with so many relatives and friends I was smiling the whole night. I hardly slept a wink that night, feeling all excited about the next morning, also partly thanks to my Dad who snored non-stop. I have never felt more energetic at 5.30am in my entire life except for on that day. My girlfriends arrived earlier than required to, already busy in my kitchen coughing out some sweet, sour, bitter and salty drinks for my hubby’s so-called breakfast while on the other side of the room, my little 2 year-old niece was having fun helping me with my gown’s train.


Soon, Steve arrived and the ordeal began. His heng tais and him were asked to guess the names of each chi muis, followed by the ‘breakfast’ challenge. Then they made the most beautiful art piece out of many one cent coins that says “I LOVE U”, adorned with stars, sun and crescent moon. Our first kiss of the day tasted like garlic and other stuff I’m unsure of, courtesy of the concoctions diligently made by my chi muis. Tea ceremony was next, and we sped off to Stadhuys area for a short videography stop, followed by a beautiful blessing ceremony in Sek Kia Eenh temple. The highlight of the morning session happened when Steve and I changed into a traditional Peranakan costume. The moment we walked out, all heads turned and cameras started flashing like paparazzi swarming celebrities, not for the glamorousness but more of the sight of two funny exhibits. I felt like a rabbit in a petting zoo! The headpiece was so heavy I could feel my neck screaming ‘help!’ for the next one hour.


The evening reception was undeniably fabulous. The march-in was exactly how I have imagined for months; my nerves were calmed by the assuring, familiar faces around as we strutted in. My long train embarrassingly knocked down one of the flower decorations along the red carpet too! I was choked with tears when the video of the morning session was played. My hubby’s expression, my girlfriends’ enthusiasm, the heng-tais’ unity, my parents’ emotions and the evident fun that we had just moved me to tears. My bouquet ended up on a guy’s hand when it was tossed and our first dance was extremely memorable, where my little nephew Ronan and niece Chloe giggled away at the dance floor when they saw us dancing. I really didn’t want the day to end.


A heartfelt THANK YOU to all our friends and relatives who came all the way from outstation and overseas just to make our wedding a dream-come-true. Your presence and kindness have really made a difference to our special day and we are truly grateful for that. A thousand hugs to my good friends who took time off from work/school and travelled across Malaysia/the world to team up as my chi muis in coordinating colours and spirits, just to torture my poor hubby, who was so overwhelmed he was teary when he finally got the bride. Your gung-ho-ness has touched my heart deeply and made my day so much more special and colourful than anyone could wished for. THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts.


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